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Snapparent is your local online parent group redefined. It is a private and secure platform where parents from your town can exchange advice and recommendations, buy & sell items, plan events together or simply connect with each other. - Hover over the icons to know more. pictorial format

Existing admins or owners of your current parent group can retain control and continue to function as content moderators. This means that your parent group remains the same, but on a much better platform.

We know what’s important to you, so we went and designed the entire platform just around the information needs of parents. No more long lines of text, cluttered layouts or generic-looking webpages.

You don’t need to create an entirely new user profile. Snapparent gives you the choice of logging in with your Facebook for a seamless transition.

We believe that the best product ideas come from you – the user. We are always open to suggestions and constructive feedback. Our team will work with you to build a better product.

Snapparent will work with your town to ensure that all members are parents from your neighborhood. Data is protected from search engines, private to the platform, and visible only to members.